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Projects related to Blochchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Java EE, Vert.x, Java Development
Hyperledger Fabric Operations and Java Chaincode development
Java EE
Oauth2, Keycloak
Hyperledger Fabric Market as a Service.
The applications uses Fabric to create a market where is it possible to buy and sell services signing binding contracts. Since Fabric is being used, no single point of trust or ownership exists.
Mobile online trading application (server side).
Development of a gateway server that interconnects the client applications to the Commerzbank internal services. The application should handle subscription to Currency Exchange rates and RFQs executions.
Online social collaborative tool-suite:
The application provide a way to highly structure any way of work allowing the insertion and free interconnection of all related actors and entities. Since the relations are semantic, it is possible to represent and find data in a more intelligent way
Docker based deployer tool.
The tool allows using a graphical interface to deploy full application stacks for test purpose. It allows non-technical users to decide wich snapshot database, application version and domain to be used for the demo and perform the deployment without any technical help.